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Salt Swat Is A Real Weapon


Bug Gun Attached to Crosman 2240

Here's Why Salt Swat is NOT a Toy

You have seen the commercials of competing products; plastic toys made in China.

SaltSwat wasn’t built to be a toy. We have thought of everything from the sleek design of the attachment, to the materials used to provide our customers with the best product on the market. Not only will the gun look and shoot great, but it will hold up over time as well. With our marine grade 316SS-Stainless Steel salt resistant cap screw, your gun is built to last.

Not only is our attachment built for durability and performance, but so is the Crosman 2240. Our attachment fits seamlessly with the Crosman 2240 to convert one of the top pellet guns on the market to a salt gun any bug would shudder at the sight of.

The Crosman 2240 is not any pellet gun, it looks, cocks, and feels like a real pistol. With an ergonomically designed grip you won’t be able to tell the difference. This .22 caliber, bolt action pellet gun can shoot up to 460 fps, making it one of the most powerful pellet guns on the market. One of the most marketable features of the Crosman 2240 is its versatility. The design of the gun makes it extremely easy to add silencers, scopes, and a variety of other upgrades. This same design is why saltSwat works so effectively.

With the power, durability, and superior experience that saltSwat provides and the high-caliber Crosman 2240 what could make this product better? It is the small clip that marries the two. Our clip is easily detachable, quality made, and durable. With so much effort put into making saltSwat dependable and efficiently detached, we have engineered a product that will allow you to have fun time and time again. There will be no need to go back and buy another one in a few months or even a couple of years. SaltSwat as a product will last, and keep its integrity year after year, giving you more time to drink your beer and kill the flies pestering your backyard.