Salt Swat




This product DOES NOT COME WITH THE GUN!   The Salt Swat is an attachment for the Crossman 2240 pellet gun.

NOT A TOY: Salt Swat was built to be a real weapon. Our engineering team thought of everything to create one of the best products on the market. The sleek design of the Salt Swat attachment is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States using high end materials. Not only will the gun look and shoot great, but it will hold up over time as well. Your gun is built to last.

DURABLE:  Our attachment is built for durability and performance, with marine grade Stainless Steel cap screw, and a mesh screen that keeps the salt from getting into your gun’s barrel. With all of this focus on quality and durability we couldn’t allow our attachment to be used with just any pellet gun, we were passionate about choosing the best! Our attachment fits seamlessly with the Crossman 2240 (not included) to create a salt gun any bug would shudder to look at.

THE CLIP: The small clip marries the pellet gun and the Salt Swat. Our clip is easily attached and detached, it is made with the same quality and durability as the Salt Swat.

POWERED BY A REAL GUN: The Salt Swat attachment works seamlessly with the Crossman 2240 pellet gun. . This gun is top of the line; it looks, cocks, and feels like a real pistol. This .22 caliber gun is a bolt action pellet gun with an ergonomically designed grip. This gun is powerful, it can shoot up to 460 fps (feet per second). This gun is very versatile, extremely easy to use, and has a wide range of accessories including silencers, scopes, and many more.

NO COMPARISON: With the power, durability, and superior experience that Salt Swat provides combined with the highcaliber Crossman 2240 pellet gun nothing could make this product better! Salt Swat as a product will last, and keep its integrity year after year, giving you more time to drink your beer and kill the flies pestering your backyard.


Why should you purchase a salt gun in the first place? The answer is simple. A salt gun is a fun, effective way to rid your backyard of all sorts of small insects, most notably flies. Just sit back and relax, one hand on your ice-cold beer, the other wielding the power of Salt Swat.

STAY IN YOUR SEAT: No more having to get out of your lawn chair to find that old-fashioned fly swatter and wasting time chasing flies around. The technology that we have put into Salt Swat has made it so you don’t have to go through the hassle of the classic fly swatter.

ACCURATE SHOOTING DISTANCE: You can sit back in your lawn chair and shoot flies accurately and powerfully from up to five feet. From up to two feet away Salt Swat tears holes in tin foil. Imagine that power when shot at a fly. Not only is this distance unbeatable, the power and accuracy are also unparalleled.

NO MORE FLIES: Flies won’t be buzzing through your backyard if they know you have the power of Salt Swat in your hand.

MAKE YOUR BUDDIES JEALOUS: Yep, this is a damn good reason to buy Salt Swat. Making our buddies jealous is an American pastime. They’ll definitely re-think things when you show up to the barbeque with Salt Swat and they show up with a toy.


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